TRANSITION COMPANY: The Diploma course in Dance is a designed both for students who have done some prior training in dance & movements, and also for those who already possess some professional experience, and are working as dance artists, choreographers, teachers, or performers. The course offers a programme of considerable breadth and depth, giving students a context for their continuing training and development.

Transition Company is a taught programme which can serve as an important transition between the experience of traing and professional life. It allows for intense exploration of one of the three subject areas, while working within the context of avibrant research community and IDT as awhole.

Taught programmes are offered in the following specialisms:


Dance Training and Education

Performance/ Soloist

During this specialised course, practical work is accompanied by theoretical and written projects. Normally these include Technique classes, Contemporary & Freestyle movements, Improvisation, Choreographic and Teaching practices. Every PIM student is assessed in various ways include presentations of practical work, written work, lecture demonstrations, and presentations of group projects. All assessments are supported by thorough written and verbal feedback and individual tutorials.

Being part of India Dans Theater system, this course has various advantages and opportunities. This two year programmes provide a range of opportunities to expand your horizons as a dance artist and explore particular area of dance practice in more depth, according to your professional ambitions and personal interests. This course is full time and offers support system to students once they qualify 5 points system designed by India Dans Theater. The 5 points system helps a student to understand the depth of dance and its professional practices. It acts as a transition between education and its practices.

We look to our students to become the dance leader and entrepreneurs of the future - you invest in us to provide in you with opportunities to enhance your professional and career opportunities, and we invest in you to provide the future developments and successes for danceas an art form as a significant force in people's lives.

The admission in PIM happens through auditions followed by an interview. The minimum age is 16+ and maximum age limit is 24 years.

  Students from 3rd Semester PIM (IP) Or 4th Semester PIM (SP) level of India Dans Theater can apply OR students of Intermediate level from any Academy with minimum experience of Intermediate level classical Ballet.

  Audition and interview

Some of the TC Students:

Rekha Rani Rekha Rani

Rekha is trained in Street Jazz, Bollywood, Ballet, Contemporary and Modern in India as well as abroad. She has a huge experience in teaching school students. She has choreographed for lots of schools and colleges on various occasions. Recently she got a scholarship to study and research dance in Europe.


Jammy is trained in Bollywood Jazz, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Modern. His excitement brings passion among students. He specializes in teaching kids. He wants to be a known choreographer in future.

Ram Ram

Ram is trained in Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Modern. He is really passionate about dance and wants to become a big choreographer in future.

Somya Kautia Somya Kautia

Somya is a trained dancer and good performer. She has been trained in Jazz, Contemporay, Ballet and Modern. She has choreographed for schools and performed as a soloist for her college which bagged various awards in recent time. An IDT qualified instructor and dance professional in making.

Some of the alumnus of IDT Transition company:
Bilal Khan, Hari Om Singh, Laxman Singh, Rahul Bhatt, Roopali Singhal, Rashmi Mann, Abhinay Saini, Rishika Sharma,Misthy Sablok, Muskan Khitolia, Mangal Singh, Ashish Phogaat, Asad Sabri, Kanika Sharma, Jatin Mandal etc.

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