CLASSES FOR ALL: India Dans Theater provides dance classes for kids, Adults and Professionals. The classes happen throughout the year. The dance styles taught are:


With its unique and specialized syllabi, India Dans Theater enables even a newcomer to discover their hidden danceability. It equips students to discover new possibilities through dance and movements.The age group of students varies from 4 to 50 years.

Choreographic Project is an initiative by India Dans Theater to provide initial platform to dance students in order to explore their capabilities as a choreographer, dance performer and professional. Its an unique encouragement program where every month selected students get a chance to involve and perform on stage within India Dans Theater premises.

It is about 2 months long workshop which happens twice a year (during Summer and Winter vacations). It enables students and professionals to showcase their talents on stage in front of a live audience. The programme is designed professionally with the help of Lights, Sounds and Audio visuals support by India Dans Theater in order to bring out the future talents as a dance artist and choreographers.

Learn while you earn. This unique program gives an opportunity for those passionate dancers who want to train intensively and earn their living at the same time. Selected dancers need to work for 6 hours minimum in office, studios or where ever required in India Dans Theater premises. There is a discounted fee for classes while dancers get paid for their work. This program has age limit which varies from 18 - 28 years old. The selection happens through an interview and audition if required.



PERSONAL CLASSES - India Dans Theater provides dance professionals for personal lessons/ requirements.

EVENT, SHOWS & MOVIES: India Dans Theater is also involved in choreographing shows, events and movies. From tv commercials to music videos, from school functions to colleges fiestas and from corporate shows to national and international festivals, it has given the best results in both performances and choreographies.

CHOREOGRAPHY - India Dans Theater is actively involved in choreographing events, festivals, functions & shows in various schools, colleges, organizations, multinational companies, tv commercials and movies. It has a unique way to choreograph people even if they are freshers.

WORKSHOPS - India Dans Theater is open to conduct workshops to benefit invidividuals through dance and movement art in schools, colleges, various companies and non governmental organizations. It believes in the philosophy of enabling people to discover themselves and commited to spread the message of dance and possibilities through it.

STUDIO ON RENT - India Dans Theater provides studio on rent for photo and video shoots, workshops and dance & theater based rehearsals. For details contact +91 011 41614172 or 9891814242

DANCE AS THERAPY (DAT): Dance is way of life. It discovers new possibilities everytime we move and helps us to connect with ourselves. During any body movement, our emotions connect to our body parts in order to coordinate and thus makes us involve and aware of our own possibilities. It pushes us to generate our own space to think and concentrate. Gradually this becomes habit and enhances the abilities of a human body and most important mind because it is the first place where things get perceived, analysed and then executed. Dance is a source of huge amount of energy which rejuvenates an ageing or sick system because it aggrevates the blood circulation in the whole body and inspire to perform more efficiently.

Every movement in dance has its own rhythm and flow which makes a human mind involved and interested and the more you engaged the more you find curiosity in order to discover new truths of possibilities. Interestingly, dance brings out all those emotions which might not have experienced by an individual in normal life. It gives you flexibility to be yourself whether you achieve or struggle but the lesson is always there.

DAT class is boon not only for progressive minds of young students but also for those experienced brains of adults. It helps them in exploring the possibilities they never thought of and at the same time gives them flexibility to find who they are.

India Dans Theater conducts DAT classes usually in schools, colleges and multinational companies to increase the efficiency of individuals.

If you are interested to avail the benefits of DAT classes, please
contact us for further information.

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