: "Artist In Motion" is a unique study program for talented dance students who will be trained to become a dance professional. Its an intensive study program where a student trains 12 - 25 hours weekly along with our company members to become dance performer, instructor and choreographer. The training period is an year long and divided into 2 semesters. The first semester will be self financed and will be probation period. After qualifying 7 pointers one can apply for scholarship to fund their education in second semester. After successful completion of this program, student can get an opportunity to work with India Dans Theater or anywhere as a dance professional.

AGE LIMIT: 16 Years and above till 30 years

ELIGIBILITY: Advance Elementary and above students of IDT or Intermediate level dancers

SELECTION: Through dance audition followed by Interview

SCHOLARSHIP: Available FULL & HALF SCHOLARSHIPS. Just apply for Scholarship in the form of a letter stating why do you need and whats your plan in dance. It should be submitted with the AIM form.


OSM is an initiative by India Dans Theater under AIM to support and mentor those amazing young talented dancers who wants to do big, create original work and inspire society through dance and movement arts. This program provides:

Platform for dance education and growth
Availability of discounted classes for talented dancers
Opportunities to perform in both Commercial and non Commercial shows
Mentoring & guidance to become a dance professional
Platform to teach classes and earn their living
Opportunity for dance and Choreographic Practice on different platforms

Eligibility: A technically sound dancer with great dancing ability.
Age limit: 16- 24 years
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