Regular classes - India Dans Theater provides dance education for Kids, Adults and Professionals. The duration of the class is 1 hour and happens twice a week. The curriculum consists of of various dance styles which vary from Firoz's style, Bollywood, Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Ballet, Contemporary and Modern. The classes run through out the year and are available for all age groups. These classes are divided upto 5 levels:

LEVEL 1 - For students who wish to learn the Fundamentals of dance and accelerate rapidly.

LEVEL 2 - For students with strong Fundamental background in dance who wish to  accelerate rapidly.

LEVEL 3 - For students with strong Elementary background in dance who wish to increase vocabulary.

LEVEL 4 - For students with strong Advance Elementary background in dance who wish to increase facility.

LEVEL 5 - For students and professionals with extensive experience in Intermediate who wish to deepen physical mastery.

With its unique and specialized syllabi, India Dans Theater enables even a newcomer to discover their hidden dance ability. It equips students to discover new possibilities through dance and movement.

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ADD (Additional Dance Drive) - Under this programme a student can train in 3 different batches based on his level to train extra and dance unlimited. This program is expensive than Regular classes.

Combo classes - Combo classes are availabe for those who want to dance more than 2 days in a week. They can combine their one fixed batch with any other available batch of their level and choice to dance more. Combo plan is cheaper for those who join more than one batch.

Flexi classes - Open classes give flexibility in timings for those who wants to come according to their flexibility for any 8 classes in a month. This program is expensive than Regular classes.

Class Card - Class Card is a pack of 4 classes and can be used as a gift card. It also gives flexibility in timings for those who want to come according to their availability for any 4 classes in a week. The card is valid for a week and costs Rs.1000/.

It is about 2 months long workshop which happens twice a year (during Summer and Winter vacations). It enables students and professionals to showcase their talents on stage in front of a live audience. The programme is designed professionally with the help of Lights, Sounds and Audio visual supports by India Dans Theater in order to bring out the future talents as a dance artist and choreographers.  

PIM ( PROFESSIONAL IN MAKING ): This Diploma course in Dance is designed both for students who have done some prior training in dance & movement art and also for those who just started dancing and willing to sharpen their dancing skills. The course offers a programme of considerable breadth and depth, giving students a context for their continuing training and development.

The PIM is a taught programme which can serve as an important transition between the experience of training and professional life. It allows for intense exploration of one of the three subject areas, while working within the context of a vibrant research community and IDT as a whole.

Taught programmes are offered in the following specialisms:
a. Soloist
b. Dance training & Education
c. Choreographer

The course consists of 4 semesters (minimum 2 years). During this specialised course, practical work is accompanied by theoretical and written projects. Normally these include Technique classes, Contemporary & Jazz & Freestyle movements, Improvisation and rhythm development classes. Every PIM student is assessed in various ways include presentations of practical work, written work, lecture demonstrations, and presentations of group projects. All assessments are supported by thorough written and verbal feedback and individual tutorials.

This two year programmes provide a range of opportunities to expand your horizons as a dance artist and explore particular area of dance practice in more depth, according to your professional ambitions and personal interests. This course may be taken part-time, to accommodate the working schedules of students.

Types of PIM course:

1. PIM Independent programme (IP): For those who want to train professionally to enhance their dancing skills.

2. PIM Transition company (TC): For those who wants to train to become a dance professional and have command in all three subject areas; dancing, teaching as well as Choreography. This program holds a link between training and becoming a part of IDT performing company.

3. PIM School Program (SP): This flexible program is for students who are in school and want to enhance their dancing skills.

The admission in PIM Programs happens through auditions followed by an interviews. The minimum age is 13 yeras and maximum age limit is 24 years.
Eligibility: Elementary or above level students of IDT or 6 months of dance training from a reputed school.

Learn while you earn. This unique program gives an opportunity for those passionate dancers who want to train intensively and earn their living at the same time. Selected dancers need to work for 6 hours minimum in office, studios or where ever required in India Dans Theater premises. There is a discounted fee for classes while dancers get paid for their work. This program has age limit which varies from 18 - 28 years old. The selection happens through an interview and audition if required.

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