India Dans Theater has always had a reputation for diversity, and it is one we are proud to uphold. It believes in the philosophy of "enabling people to discover themselves" and provides dance education for Kids, Adults, and Professionals. The curriculum consists of a diverse culture of dance and movement-based styles/ courses that include Moving Alive, Contemporary, Dance Technique, Bollywood Funk, Street Jazz & Hip Hop, Improvisation, Choreography & Composition and Performance Researh.There is a designed syllabus for pedagogic and creative practice that deals with senses, mind, and body and how they can proactively participate in a given space and time. The class has been divided into three parts. The first part deals with the embodied practice for body awareness (joints, muscles, breath), strength, and movement possibility in and around it. The second part informs many movement ideas and vocabularies in designed sequences based on a specific rhythm or music sense. The third part deals with styles, forms, and Research (ex. Moving Alice, HipHop, Contemporary, Ballet, Bollywood & others) and carries all three parts of the syllabus. It enables a learner to perform with all those essential elements of dance and performance. This way a learner becomes aware, alive, and versatile while performing. The classes run throughout the year and are available for all age groups. These classes are structured into SIX progressively levels:

LEVEL 1 (FUNDAMENTAL) - For those students who need to learn the fundamentals of dance and accelerate rapidly.

LEVEL 2 (ELEMENTARY) - For those students who already have fundamental backgrounds in dance and need to groom their dancing skills at the Elementary level.

LEVEL 3 (ADVANCE ELEMENTARY) - For those students who already have a strong background in dance at the Elementary level and who need to deepen their dancing skills.

LEVEL 4 (INTERMEDIATE) - For those students who already have a stronghold at Advance Elementary in dance and need to increase the skills of dance and making.

LEVEL 5 (ADVANCE INTERMEDIATE) - For those students and upcoming dance professionals with extensive experience in Intermediate who wish to deepen their physical mastery and expertise in their skills in dance making, dance composing, and choreographing.

LEVEL 6 (ADVANCE) - This level is for performing artists and movement practitioners. This level inspires them to compose and create performance through senses, awareness, and research. Under the artistic supervision of Creative leaders and the critiques shared by other practitioners, it enables a researcher to destructure to structure and stimulates the researcher to investigate the conflicts around the research.



Moving Alive is a functional movement practice developed by Firoz Haider. The class is like a movement research lab to improve the efficiency of the body, mind, and senses for better functioning in day-to-day life. The session focuses on breath, bones, muscles, and senses and explores the interrelationships and awareness between them in a given surrounding. The syllabus has information from Kinaesthesia, Yoga, Pilates, Alexander technique, Kinesthetic empathy, and other somatic practices from dance & cognitive sciences. The practitioner empathizes with his experiences and develops a space of emancipation for participants to explore and discover their being.


Showcase is about a two-month-long workshop which happens twice a year (during Summer and Winter vacations). It is a unique platform provided by India Dans Theater which enables students, teachers, and professional artists to showcase their talents on stage in front of a live audience. The event is conceptualized, designed, and choreographed around a theme that involves the participation of all-level dancers and performers. The showcase was envisioned to involve students, teachers, and performers to participate and create a choreographic production made with the help of various choreographic tools like lights, sounds, audiovisual supports, costumes, and properties. The practice of showcasing has given birth to many talented dance artists and choreographers for over 12 years by India Dans Theater.

With its unique and specialized syllabi, India Dans Theater enables even a newcomer to discover their hidden dance ability. It equips students to discover new possibilities through dance and movement.

For details of class timings and days, please click the link below:

ADD (Additional Dance Drive) - Under this programme a student can train in 3 different batches based on his level to train extra and dance unlimited. This program is expensive than Regular classes.

COMBO CLASSES - Combo classes are availabe for those who want to dance more than 2 days in a week. They can combine their one fixed batch with any other available batch of their level and choice to dance more. Combo plan is cheaper for those who join more than one batch.

FLEXI CLASSES - Open classes give flexibility in timings for those who wants to come according to their flexibility for any 8 classes in a month. This program is expensive than Regular classes.

CLASS CARD - Class Card is a pack of 4 classes and can be used as a gift card. It also gives flexibility in timings for those who want to come according to their availability for any 4 classes in a week. The card is valid for a month and can be used as gift card.

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